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Main team

Nickname in game Country Role Nickname on site Participation status
1 xxxItachixxx Sweden Captain Itachi
Joined team
2 Ayume Netherlands Player Ayume
Joined team
3 RedMistLUBU Denmark Player RedMistLUBU
Joined team
4 KyoZo France Player KyoZo
Joined team
5 xTatanka Finland Player xTatanka
Joined team
6 LordZhaoYun Egypt Player LordZhaoYun
Joined team
7 Blackjack Romania Player RealBlackjack
Joined team

Tournament participation

Tournament Result
Warlord League Eliminated from round: Round 6.
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Roster changes

Date/time Description
26.09.2019 11:28 RedMistLUBU joined the team
25.09.2019 23:08 Ayume joined the team
25.09.2019 22:50 RealBlackjack joined the team
25.09.2019 22:25 LordZhaoYun joined the team
25.09.2019 22:21 xTatanka joined the team
25.09.2019 22:12 KyoZo joined the team