Tournament run dates
06.10.2019 – 06.10.2019
Double Elimination
Conqueror's Blade

Register for the Warlord League Today!

Team applications are now open for the next Conqueror’s Blade tournament.

Rally the finest soldiers you know for the next Tournament: the Warlord League, a new competitive bout which will see 16 selected teams from the NA and EU servers facing off in a series of 7 vs. 7 double-elimination battles! 

Tournament winners can get their hands on everything from Premium Account time to new Collector’s Packs, special in-game titles, and also the opportunity to bask in eternal fame and glory (please note: fame and glory may not actually be eternal). There are prizes for all participants, so check out the full list further down this article! The winning team can also participate in an international friendly against the winning team from a similar tournament hosted on the RU servers!

You can register your team from today until October 2nd, 14:00 CEST. Teams will be selected for this Tournament on a first-come, first-served basis, so don’t hesitate to get a fearsome band of warlords together! You don’t need to be in a House to register, but it might help you to find and each bracket will advance to the Finals.

  • October 19th and 20th - Finals: The 2 teams with the lowest win-rate will be placed into the Losers’ Final, the winner of the ‘best of three’ bout will receive the 3rd Place prize. The 2 teams with the highest win rate will be placed into the Winners’ Final. Played as a best of five, the loser of this match will receive the 2nd place prize, and the winner will receive the 1st place prize. 


All participants will receive:

  • 7-day Premium Account

  • In-game Participant Title

  • 1 Skill Page Chest

4th place will receive (per player): 

  • 30-day Premium Account

  • 1,000 Sovereigns

  • + All Participant rewards

3rd place will receive (per player):

  • 60-day Premium Account 

  • 2,000 Sovereigns

  • 10,000 Silver

  • 3rd Place In-game Title

  • New Collector’s Pack

  • + All Participant rewards

2nd place will receive (per player): 

  • 90-day Premium Account

  • 3,000 Sovereigns

  • 20,000 Silver

  • 2nd Place In-game Title

  • New Collector’s Pack

  • + All Participant rewards

1st place will receive (per player):

  • 90-day Premium Account

  • 5,000 Sovereigns

  • 30,000 Silver

  • 1st Place In-game Title

  • x2 New Collector’s Packs

  • Interview for the website

  • Rename a city (lasts for 3 months)

  • + All Participant rewards