Tournament run dates
20.10.2019 – 20.10.2019
Single Elimination
Conqueror's Blade

1. General information regarding the Warlord League tournament

Period: October 5-20.

Sign up period: September 24 — October 2.

Tournament server access: October 3-4.

Match scheduling, adding captains to the Discord tournament channel: October 3-4.

1.1. Participants must edit their profile at and specify their Discord username — for example, ConBlade#5321.

1.2. All communication between judges and players will take place in the Discord channel. Participants must post their profile info in the Discord channel in the following format: “team name + username”. You can get this info from Team captains will have access to dedicated tournament channels and should be be the sole representative when communicating with judges, else the team could find itself penalised or disqualified

1.3. Game version: Conqueror's Blade Tournament client will be available in the Game Center launcher. IMPORTANT! All players must sign up at and using the same email and must sign up for the test using “Get CBT access”. If two or more players from a team fail to sign up, the administrators reserve the right to disqualify the team.

1.4. Teams must include 7 regular and 2 reserve players. Please note that you need to specify the team size when creating it –– 7 players. Two slots for reserve players will be created automatically.

1.5. Up to 32 teams can participate in the tournament. The administrators will likely confirm the participation of the teams that signed up sooner than others. Note: The house of the teams is also taken into consideration. 8 winning teams join the next tournament.

2. Match format

2.1. All matches of the Warlord League tournament are held in the Field Battle mode.

2.2. Tournament map: Stalemate Creek

2.3. Game setup

Maximum number of players: 7.

Classes allowed: all.

Siege weapons: prohibited.

Units: participants can arrange their own units from a limited pool of available troops.

Warning! It is forbidden to:

Travel from the city to the global map. After creating a character, you must go straight to the city and remain there.

Participate in standard PvP and PvE modes. Only Training fights are allowed on the server.

2.4. All matches of the tournament will take place on the Tournament Server.

2.4.1. Participants will be granted access to the Tournament Client at least one day before the start of the tournament.

2.4.2. Instructions on how to download the Tournament Client:

1) go to

2) download the Game Center installation file

3) launch it, opening the Game Center.

4) log in using the email used to sign up at and, and enter “Сonqueror's Blade Tournament” in the search field.

5) Download and launch the game.

6) Create a character and skip the tutorial by accepting the New Horizons quest from the Mercenary Captain NPC. IMPORTANT! When choosing a starting region, each group enter the final stage of the tournament.

2.7.4. All matches of the final stage are held in the Best of 3 format; the match for first place will be a Best of 5.

2.7.5. The final stage will be held on October 20.

  • match 1: the team that held the 1st place in group A of the previous tournament stage plays with the team held the 2nd place in group B;
  • match 2: the team that held the 1st place in group B of the previous tournament stage plays with the team held the 2nd place in group A;
  • match 3: third-place play-off match between the losers of matches 1 and 2;
  • match 4: the final match.

3. Match procedure

3.1. Communication between judges and captains will take place in the Discord channel (captains will be invited once their participation is confirmed).

3.2. All captains must be in-game and in Discord half an hour before the tournament starts.

3.3. Captains may learn the name of their opponents in their personal profile on the match page.

3.4. Before the match starts, captains must create a room by following the instructions provided by administrators in the chat.

3.5. After the match, captains must send screenshots of the final screens to the judge. The results and nicknames of members of the both teams must be visible on the screenshots.

4. Match reports

4.1. After the match, captains must send screenshots to help that confirm the results of the battle.

4.2 The results must be sent within 10 minutes after the match is over.

4.3. Doctoring results is forbidden: it will result in disqualification and a ban from future tournaments.

5. Delayed match

5.1. Players should be online and ready to start at the appointed time. Which means the match must start no later than 10 minutes after the appointed time.

5.2. If a participant is not ready to play after 10 minutes of the appointed time, their opponent can send a complaint to the judge.

6. Other

6.1. If a player gets disconnected, they can rejoin the match if the game mechanics allow it.

6.2. If two or more players are disconnected before the battle starts, the match is restarted. If only one player (out of 14) is disconnected, the match is not restarted.

6.3. The organizers reserve the right to change the names of teams, their logos and line-up, along with the nicknames of the participants of the tournament.

6.4. If a team suffers a Technical defeat during any stage, they automatically lose any prizes for the current tournament.

7. Appeal consideration process

7.1. All appeals regarding the match results should be submitted on the match page (click the Results button in the top left corner) within 10 minutes of a game finishing.

7.2. The tournament judge is authorized to use disciplinary sanctions against the players or teams, or may issue a warning.

7.3. Debating a final judgement regarding any situation may result in disqualification of the team

7.4. When submitting an appeal about foul play, you must specify the player, time, reason, and basis for suspicion. Team captain can request that the judge analyze the video files (up to 3 clips) provided by the appealing team.

8. Permitted weapons and equipment

8.1. Aside from siege weapons, all equipment and items available in-game are allowed.

9. Prohibited

9.1. Anything that violates the game rules and laws of the country is prohibited.

9.2. It is prohibited to participate in the tournament using another Conqueror's Blade player’s computer.

9.3. Players that did not sign up for the tournament or players that joined a team different from the one they signed up for are not allowed to participate.

9.4. It is prohibited to disrespect the participants and judges of the tournament.

9.5. Any disrespectful commentary regarding the game, organizers, and participants of the tournament is prohibited.

9.6. The organizers reserve the right to increase the duration of a team ban.

9.7. Any deviation from the rules is prohibited and could result in disciplinary action, including disqualification.

9.8. It is prohibited to use any game and software exploits.

10. Disciplinary sanctions

10.1. For violating 9.1 –– disqualification of the team and ban of the account.

10.2. For violating 9.2 — disqualification of the team.

10.3. Violating 9.3 results in disqualification of the team and the reserve player called in to replace the violator.

10.4. Violating 9.4, 9.5, 9.6: the team is issued a warning for a first violation. After a second violation, the team is removed from the tournament.

10.5. Violating 9.1–9.10: penalties are imposed at the judge’s discretion (depending on the severity of the violation).

10.6. Violating 9.1–9.10: the administration reserves the right to permanently ban the violator from participating in the tournament.

11. Tournament schedule

11.1. The results of the draw and the schedule will be posted when the tournament starts

12. In situations not described above, it will be the administration's discretion to decide how to address the issue.

13. The organizers reserve the right to change these regulations during the tournament.