Berserk Challengers Cup II
Tournament run dates
14.12.2019 – 15.12.2019
Double Elimination


The present regulations (further on — «Regulations») of «Warface Berserk» cybersport tournament finals (further on – «Tournament») are a set of rules determining the procedures of Tournament’s organization and the requirements the Tournament participants (further on – «Participants») should comply with. Full acceptance of present Regulations by a Participant is a compulsory condition for participating in the Tournament. Acceptance of the Regulations with exceptions is inadmissible. 

1. General information regarding the Tournament 

1.1. Tournament is held by B.V. company based at Barbara Strozzilaan 201, 1083 HN, Amsterdam (further on – «Organizer»).
1.2. Tournament is held in massive multiplayer online game «Warface» (further on – «Game»).
1.3. Tournament is held on the following server: Europe (Region: Amsterdam).
1.4. Tournament is using the following game client: «Warface Tournaments» 


2. Tournament organization format and procedures

2.1. All tournament matches will take place in ‘Plant the bomb’ mode.
2.2. Each team must consist of 5 main players but the addition of 2 stand-by players is permitted.
2.3. Tournament maps:

  • Bridges
  • D-17
  • Factory
  • Destination
  • Palace
  • Pyramid
  • Yard

2.4. Players need to have an account of rank 20 or higher.


3. Tournament restrictions

3.1. The weapons and equipment items that are not present in the prohibition list are permitted in the Tournament.
3.2. All the permitted Game items except for the items available from suppliers are automatically added to the tournament server when the Participant’s character is copied.
3.3. The character copied to the tournament server has all its supplier progress and permitted items saved.
3.4. It is prohibited to use the following items in the Tournament:

  • All crown weapons and items (exceptions listed in 3.4.1.)
  • All automatic and semiautomatic sniper rifles
  • Anti-personnel mines, Knockback grenades, coloured and country-themed smoke grenades, under-barrel grenade launchers
  • Custom skins that conceal character’s equipped items
  • Seasonal items
  • Warlord equipment
  • Beta and Sigma boots
  • Sliding boots
  • Global Events equipment (exceptions listed in 3.4.1.)
  • Golden items
  • 'Open Cup' helmets (2015)
  • All gear protecting from the one-shot takedowns
  • Uzkon UNG-12
  • VHS-2
  • Taurus Judge
  • All the items replenishing HP/AP (exceptions listed in 3.4.1.)

3.4.1. Exceptions (permitted items): 

  • 'Spring-2016’ tournament helmets
  • Salamander equipment
  • "Spectre" equipment (exc. Beta and Sigma boots)
  • Type-97 Elite Crown
  • ACR Elite Crown
  • FN SCAR-H Elite Crown
  • SPAS-12 Elite Crown
  • Saiga-12 Bullpup Elite Crown
  • Mossberg 500 Custom Elite Crown
  • Kriss super V Elite Crown
  • ACR CQB Elite Crown
  • Beretta M9 Elite Crown
  • Desert Eagle Elite Crown

3.5. All the prohibited items will be automatically removed from the character’s copy on the tournament server.


4. Requirements for participants.

4.1. Participants are prohibited from acting in any way that breaches or contradicts any documents regulating the Game’s code of conduct including the Terms of Use ,Payment Terms, and applicable legislation.
4.2. Participants are prohibited from taking part in the Tournament from a PC of any other Game player.
4.3. Using an unregistered player in a team or using a player from another participating team is prohibited in the Tournament.
4.4. Disrespectful behavior towards Tournament Participants, judges, spectators or Organizer’s representatives is prohibited.
4.5. Inappropriate public statements about the Game, Organizer, Tournament Participants and spectators are prohibited.
4.6. It is prohibited to provide information about the Tournament room to anyone except for the judge and members of your team that are Tournament participants.
4.7. Any divergences from the rules described in present Regulations or other documents regulating Tournament participation and placed on Organizer’s websites are prohibited. Breaching this point may cause a disciplinary punishment according to article 5 of the Regulations.
4.8. It is prohibited to call judges with the program Participants use for text communication.
4.9. Any exploits of the in game or related program bugs are prohibited.
4.10. Any unsanctioned use of any results of the copyright items of third parties and any actions breaching the related legislations are prohibited.
4.11. If the player has not logged in the main game server for more than 35 days prior to the Tournament start – this player is not allowed to enter the Tournament.


5. Disciplinary sanctions.

5.1. Violation of p.4.1 – team disqualification, main server account of the Participant banned.
5.2. Violation of p.4.2 – Participant disqualification from the Tournament.
5.3. Violation of p.4.3 – team disqualification as well as the disqualification of the stand-by Participant.
5.4. Violation of p.4.4 – a warning for the first violation, second violation leads to team disqualification.
5.5. Violation of p.4.5 – a warning for the first violation, second violation leads to the current tournament disqualification of the Participant and tournament ban of this participant for the duration of 6 months from the start of the ban. Third violation leads to team disqualification from the current tournament and the 6-month tournament ban for each of the members.
5.6. The sanctions for violating p.4.7, p.4.8, p.4.10, p.4.12 are determined by the judge in accordance with the severity of the violation.
5.7. Violations of p.4.1 — p.4.12 can lead to a permanent Tournament ban for the Participant.
5.8. The sanction for violating p.4.11 is determined by the judge. The player receives a warning for the first violation, while repeated violations may be sanctioned with the technical loss of the team in the match or player disqualification from the Tournament.
5.9. Organizer determines a team’s Tournament ban duration.

6. Tournament Organization. 

6.1. The Participant has an opportunity to connect to the game if the connection has been lost. If the Participant does not succeed in reconnecting – the match will not stop. In this case the team may use a stand-by Participant registered for the tournament as a member of this team.
6.2. Teams have 15 minutes from the start of the match per official schedule and referee’s decision to be present in full roster of 5 players, core or substitute; if the team is unable to do so, it receives a technical loss.
6.3. In case of a disconnect before the first round is started / first kill is made (the loading screen, etc); the match is restarted. The match must be restarted within 2 minutes from the crash; the match can not be restarted more than 3 times. If a team uses up its restart limit or fails to restart in time with a full roster, it is assigned a loss.
6.4. A Participant banned upon the end of the registration process is not permitted to take part in the Tournament.
6.5. Match participation from a computer club/training camp for one or several Participants is permitted only after receiving the approval from the Tournament Organizer.
6.6. The place of match participation (computer club/training camp) must be equipped with the internet-access camera able to stream the match online non-stop.
6.7. The links to the match streams may be posted only by the Tournament Organizer. Refusal to comply leads to the team receiving a technical loss in the match or even disqualification from the Tournament.
6.8. Organizers have the right to ask for the photos of the full team from the place of match participation (computer club/training base). If the photos are not provided – the team will be disqualified.
6.9. Tournament organizers have the right to change team names, logos and membership as well as the nicknames of the Tournament Participants.
6.10. All team captains should be online 30 minutes prior to the Tournament start.
6.11. Discord messenger is the program used to communicate with the judge. Participants should provide their Discord contact details when registering for the Tournament.
6.12. To contact the judges, team captains must join the Discord server — WFEsports.
6.13. The captains decide on the game room prior to the match.


7. Order of appeal consideration

7.1. All the complaints regarding the broken game rules have to be filed within 20 minutes after the end of the match. The complaint is filed through a special form on
7.2. An unfair game protest should be filed with the name of the suspected Participant, time and a reason for suspicion. Team captain may request the judge to analyze the video footage for the sign of the prohibited programs utilized by opponent Participants. The maximum amount of Participants that can be investigated with such request is 3.
7.3. A tournament judge is permitted to determine whether a Participant / a team receives a warning, a sanction or a complex of sanctions.
7.4. Discussing the final verdict determined by the judge can be sanctioned with team disqualification.
7.5. When one team receives the technical loss – the opponent team is declared the winner of the match with 1:0 score recorded.
7.6. Technical losses do not deprive the team from rewards if at least one match was fully played and no disqualification for breaking the rules occurred.


8. Streams.

8.1. Matches will be streamed through the official Game channels on the internet.
8.2. Technical accounts will be used for match commentary.
8.3. Tournament organizer has the right to decide on the matches that will be streamed.
8.4. A Tournament judge will notify the team that the match will be streamed prior to the start of the match.
8.4.1. Tournament organizer has the right to invite any Participant to voice and video chat in order to create tournament video content. Every Participant is required to accept such an invitation during the tournament season. A Participant has the right to deny such invitation.
8.4.2. Tournament Organizer has the right to request any information regarding the Tournament from Participants unlimited amounts of time in order to create text materials. The Participants must provide the required information within 24 hours after receiving the request.
8.5. Match streaming will have a delay of 90 seconds.
8.6. The start time of the match can be changed upon the Organizer’s request.
8.7. Tournament participation indicates the Participant’s agreement to his/hers gameplay being Streamed and later on used by Organizer for marketing purposes.
8.8. All streamed matches will have "chat disabled".
8.9. The teams whose match will be officially streamed will have 10 minutes to assemble.



9.1. The Tournament is a series of play-off matches.
9.2. The teams taking the 1-4 th places in the Tournament will receives quotas in Playoff stage.
9.3. The amount of Tournament participants is limited. Each one of the two Challengers Cups can hold up to 128 teams.
9.4. The Tournament's system — Double Elimination.

9.5. Match conduction format.
9.5.1. Clan War setting must be chosen when creating a match.
9.5.2. Matches are played with "Overtime", ‘Friendly Fire’ and ‘Locked Camera’.
9.5.3. Matches are played in a 5 versus 5 format.
9.5.4. Matches are played in the ‘Best of One’ format, switching to ‘Best of Three’ in Quarterfinals and further.
9.5.5. "Best of One": maps are chosen with the cancellation method. The right for the first ban is determined by the tournament system on the match page.
9.5.6. "Best of Three": maps are chosen with the ’ban-pick’ method. The right for the first ban is determined by the tournament system on the match page. Procedure:

— Team 1 Ban;
— Team 2 Ban;
— Team 1 Pick (The starting side is selected by team 2);
— Team 2 Pick (The starting side is selected by team 1);
— Team 1 Ban;
— Team 2 Ban;
— Third map (The starting side is selected by team 1). 
9.5.7. The tournament server has special settings for ‘Plant the bomb’ mode. The sides are switched every 5 rounds.
9.5.8. The condition for winning the match is the victory in 11 rounds.
9.5.9. If after 20 rounds the winner is not determined (the score is 10:10), the game continues until the advantage of one of the teams reaches 2 rounds. Sides are switched automatically each round.
9.6. Tournament timetable will be available in the tournament grid.
9.7. The tournament timetable may be amended if less teams register for the Tournament.
9.8. The result of the draw and the detailed timetable of the preliminary game days will be published the day prior to the Tournament.


10. Prizes. 

10.1. Information of prizes is available at official site of Warface.
10.2. General Rules.
10.2.1. Guarantees of the quality of the Prizes are limited to the guarantees offered by their producer. Guarantees of the quality of the services comprising the Prizes are limited to the guarantees offered by the persons rendering the services.  In order to receive a Prize, a Participant who has been recognized as its winner must, in the manner specified in the notification about winning the Prize, provide his name and address information in English, regardless of his or her citizenship or country of residence, as well as any other information requested by the Organizer for the purpose of warding. If the Participant does not provide the information indicated above in this paragraph within the time period specified in the notification, he or she shall lose the right to receive the Prize.  
10.2.2. A Participant shall be notified of begin recognized as a Prize winner by sending a corresponding message to the email address specified in his or her personal profile on
10.3. The Organizer's obligations to issue prizes to Participants are limited to the prize fund notified by the Organizer.
10.4. Participants shall bear sole responsibility for payment of any taxes due in connection with receipt of the Prizes.
10.5. The Organizer shall not be liable if the Prize winner is unable to receive the Prize for reasons unrelated to the Organizer's performance of its obligations.
10.6. The Organizer shall not be liable if the Prize winners for some reason do not use them. 
10.7. The Organizer shall bear only those expenses that are explicitly specified in this Regulation. All other expenses related to participation in the Tournament shall be paid for by the Participant at his or her own expense.
10.8. Prizes returned to the Organizer due to their winners' failure to receive them shall not be subject to a second claim.
10.9. The provisions of this section 10. shall be applicable unless otherwise set forth by the Organizer at offisial site of Warface.
10.10.The Organizer shall not be liable to the Participants, including persons recognized as winners of Prizes, in the following cases:

  • the Participant incorrectly indicates his or her information;
  • the Participant does not receive the notification that he or she has been recognized as a Prize winner due to the information on hand about the Participant being out of date;
  • in the event of failures by Internet service providers to which the Participant is connected, which prevent participation in the Tournament, or the occurrence of force majeure or other circumstances that make it impossible to present the Prize to its winner; 
  • in the event of failures in electronic communication systems, including the Internet, which result in the loss of the Tournament's electronic data;
  • in the event of force majeure circumstances that directly affect the Organizer's performance of its obligations and that make it impossible for the Organizer to perform them, including floods, fires, strikes, earthquakes, and other forces of nature; epidemics; orders from state authorities, and other objective reasons beyond the Organizer's control;
  • the Participants' non-performance (untimely performance) of their obligations set forth by this Regulation.


11. Other statements. 

11.1. In a non-standard situation or a situation non-specified in present Regulations the Tournament organizers have the right act as they see fit.
11.2. The Organizer has the right to amend present regulations during any stage of the Tournament by publishing a new version of the Regulations.
11.3. The Tournament and the relationship between the Organizer and the Participants are governed by the laws of England and Wales. Any disputes that may arise in connection with the Tournament are subject to mandatory pre-trial settlement, and in case of failure to reach agreement during the pre-trial settlement of the dispute – shall be subject exclusively to the jurisdiction at the location of the Organizer.
11.4. The Organizer shall not be liable for Participants' actions (inactions) or errors.
11.5. The Organizer shall not be responsible for missing the deadlines established by this Regulation for the completion of the actions. Claims having to do with missed deadlines shall not be accepted; The Prizes shall not be issued after the time periods for their receipt have expired.
11.6. The Organizer retains the right to refrain from entering into written negotiations or any other contact with Participants, except in the cases provided for by this Regulation and in the event of disputes.